3 Cryptos With Accumulation Potential in October 2022

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As a result of global macroeconomic missteps, Q4 2022 may not bring results on par with Q4 2021. Yet, a cryptos expert named Altcoin Sherpa said that he felt a “mini altcoin season” could begin this month.

Based on their accumulating patterns, the researcher thinks these three cryptocurrencies could provide superior returns.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

In October of 2022, the expert predicts Bitcoin will present prospects for quick gains. For nearly two months now, BTC’s price has fluctuated between $18,000 and $20,500, and that range may hold true again this month. If you buy Bitcoin when it falls below $19,000 and sell it when it rises above $20,000, you may make a quick $2,000 profit. Gains can be substantial, but only if the time is just right.

For the entirety of 2022, “BTC” has been consolidating into yet another leg down. Do you think this time will be different? The current trend remains bearish unless otherwise proven. “It’s shady and terrifying and there’s a significant change on the horizon,” he tweeted.

2. Ethereum

The price of Ethereum is currently over $1,300, and an analyst has forecasted that it may rise to $1,500 in the near future. He said the cryptocurrency is developing a short-term bottom and that its price could surge the following week. Since September, Ethereum’s price has fluctuated sporadically between $1.2K and $1.5K, making it necessary for investors to timing the bottom in order to reap short-term gains.

“ETH: If I had to guess, I’d say this goes to 1500. Overall, it seems to be building a short-term bottom, and I still believe it looks solid,” said Altcoin Sherpa.

3. ChainLink (LINK)

According to the crypto expert, this month could see a significant price increase for the altcoin ChainLink, which is now in accumulation mode. At its current price of $7.5, Chainlink falls within the analyst’s recommended range for accumulation.

In a short period of time, the analyst believes ChainLink’s price will be able to reach $9, providing investors with satisfactory returns. When Bitcoin recovers to $20,000, he predicted, LINK would surge to within $9.


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