‘At least two or three years,’ says Alonso in the F1


Fernando Alonso says he intends to stay in Formula One for another “two or three years,” adding that he is “enjoying” everything about the sport.

Alonso announced his retirement from Formula One in 2018, after becoming disillusioned with the sport’s lack of competition.

But, after two years of endurance racing and attempts at the Dakar rally and the Indy 500, he returned to the Formula 1 grid last season, utilising that year to prepare for this season’s all-new vehicles.

When the Spaniard re-signed with Renault, which is now known as Alpine, he signed a multi-year contract.

This is year two of the championship, and the two-time World Champion is hoping to extend it for another two or three years.

“Right now I am enjoying Formula 1 a lot. I enjoy racing, I am enjoying all the things because Formula 1 is not only the activity on the track, you have a lot of activities off the track and I also enjoy them.” Said Alonso.

BWT Alpine F1 Team

“So I think that at least two or three years I hope you see me around here.”

This season, Alonso is racing new ground effect aerodynamic vehicles, and he says the Enstone team is upbeat because they believe the new regulations have opened the door for a shake-up in the order.

Alpine has won points in both of this year’s races, with Esteban Ocon finishing sixth in Bahrain when Fernando Alonso was forced to withdraw due to an engine issue.


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