De Vries explains the Gen3 Formula E car’s new challenge


Due to the differences in technology, Nyck de Vries believes the Gen3 Formula E car will provide more of a challenge for the teams and drivers to work with.

The Gen3 car will be the first Formula E contender to include a front-mounted engine that will be utilised largely for regeneration, adding 250kW to the rear-mounted 350kW drive motor.

Furthermore, the car lacks rear brakes, relying only on the drive motor to supply the necessary stopping power at the rear.

De Vries, a Mercedes driver, praised the overall launch of the new car idea and identified some of the areas where the teams will face the most difficulty.

“I think Formula E did an amazing job launching it, they really created a buzz around it and I think it was a great event,” de Vries said.

“Technically, it’s also very interesting and challenging for teams and drivers.

“I think with having a front motor that is only regen-ing and not having a front diff, so to find the interaction, the right interaction between the front and the rear axle is going to be very interesting.

Gen3, Jaguar TCS Racing

“Obviously, there’s no real physical brake disc on the rear axle as well.”

De Vries also addressed rumours that Formula E would start experimenting with in-race pitstops, possibly including mid-race charging.

Although Formula E has not verified this, it has remained a topic of discussion among the drivers in their discussions about Gen3.

“The changes on the sporting side, yeah, I’m welcoming very much as well, potentially doing a pitstop,” he said.

“The aesthetics are a little different and abstract, quite square. So yeah, I guess we maybe need to get used to that a little bit. But yeah, I think with anything that is new, there’s always a bit of resistance.” He stated.


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