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How To Show To The World That You Love Formula 1?

Sep.19 – Formula 1 is not just a sport for some, it is a lifestyle. Loving it is one thing but showing this love to the world is entirely different. What are some ways to show others that you are into Formula 1?

Invest your money

The first way is to be a Formula 1 investor. This is probably for people with significant amounts of spare money. Formula 1 is not a cheap sport (in fact one of the most expensive ones if looking for the equipment needed), so being a shareholder would be a sign that you’re really passionate about it.

Of course, this is not for the faint-hearted as investing a lot of money into something and hoping for returns takes lots of guts. Investing in the team makes you actually a member of it, and you celebrate victories and suffer during defeats more than common fans, since there is your money involved in that.


If your budget isn’t big enough to become an investor, you can always place bets on particular races. A lot of bookmakers offer such services. It can be an online casino that sometimes offers more flexible bonuses for new players opening an account which you can use to deposit your bets with less risk involved. Placing a bet makes a race even more exciting since if a team or driver you bet on wins, you earn on that. Betting on the team might also support it since bookmakers are one of the biggest sport investors worldwide.

Provided that even lost bets can bring value for your team and beloved sport. Betting on Formula 1 might look easy. You just choose who in your opinion will win, right? Or place a bet on your favourite driver or team? Well for amateurs it can be just like that since they seek to support their idols, but for professional bettors reality is entirely different. Their knowledge about the sport is astonishing and they can make complex calculations of the odds of who has the biggest chance to win the race and then bet accordingly.

Fan club membership

Grandstands, fans during the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix 2021 on the Circuit Zandvoort

Speaking of team involvement, joining their fan club is a good way to show that you’re a Formula 1 fan. You not only get lots of free stuff like posters and magazines but also have connections to get to the places where as an individual fan you may not have access to such as warehouses or places with better views during the race.

Biggest fan clubs have a lot of members, and joining them proves that people are not only acting out of love for the sport but also appreciation for their favourite teams or drivers. Fan clubs often got cheaper tickets for races, but it is still costly business, because Formula 1 races are all over the world and if you want to attend them all, you might need a lot of money for that.

Simulator master

Becoming a driver is challenging and requires sacrificing almost all your life to races. However, there are Formula 1 simulators on which you can master your driving skill and beat records set by real Formula 1 racers or other players. They’re important to train muscles and reflexes in a way similar to real bold driving, especially if you use steering wheels from the actual Formula 1 cars.

Constructing vehicles

Talented mechanics and car engineers might rethink their career and try their luck in building or repairing Formula 1 vehicles. It is quite a demanding job position and highly responsible since drivers rely on engineers’ skill in constructing when they enter a vehicle that can drive at more than 300 km per hour. That is breathtaking speed and every malfunction is a death threat to the driver inside the car. Additionally, pit stop teams have quite a significant influence on the result of the race since the speed of their work can decide the victory or loss of the driver. If tires are changed even a little bit slower than the opponent’s, it may be a time difference that won’t be regained until the very end of the race.

The best fan in the world

Being a loyal fan through every good and bad time is also important. Some riders might have worse performance for some time, but having true fans will often keep them fighting. It’s not easy to be on top and win all races. The sport is changing rapidly, and new talents are becoming better every year. Having people behind you encouraging, cheering or just being good there will help drivers keep assuring themselves that victory shall come their way one day.


Formula 1 is a sport with many people involved in creating it and keeping it alive and thriving. From the drivers who are obviously in the middle of the spotlight, there are also investors, engineers, bettors and of course, thousands of fans. Some of them are more active than others, but they all love the sport.

If being a fan is not enough for you, try betting or investing depending on your budget. Moreover, if you are a mechanic or car engineer, check out if there is a place for you among Formula 1 teams in warehouses. There are numerous paths to go for Formula 1 lovers, that depends on you which one is yours.

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