Haas F1 line-up, Guenther Steiner runs over the list of “next question”


Guenther Steiner has nothing new to report on the Haas F1 2023 lineup, and although Mick Schumacher is still a candidate, he does not have a deadline for the news.

Kevin Magnussen, who returned at the start of this season and signed a multi-year contract, has Haas’ 2023 driver lineup figured out on one half, but his teammate is still unsure.

Schumacher’s contract expires at the end of this year, and the team manager’s praise is as seldom as his two point-producing finishes in 37 races.

Steiner was reportedly in talks with him over a new contract back in July, but those discussions came to an abrupt end when Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement, leaving the driver wide vacant.

This led to rumours linking Schumacher to his Aston Martin seat, but they were swiftly dispelled when the club signed Fernando Alonso.

Since then, Schumacher has been rumoured to be taking Alonso’s Alpine seat in favour of Esteban Ocon joining him.

The most recent rumours, however, place Nyck de Vries in the Frenchman’s AlphaTauri seat and Pierre Gasly in that position. Williams or his current team Haas F1 are the only options.

Haas F1 is yet undecided.

Haas F1
Monza Grand Prix, Haas F1 Team (Source: Twitter)

“The latest is the same as the latest was last week and two weeks ago,” he said. “There is no news.

“We are waiting, we are looking at everything and talking with Mr Haas quite a lot about it. But we have not made a decision.

“I will not give you a date when the decision is made, because that will be your next question. We will give ourselves time.

“What we want to make sure of is that we don’t make a quick decision and then regret it next year, you know.

“We want to take the time we have available to try to get the best decision, if it is right or not we will find out only next year, but at least we prepare ourselves to make the best decision.

“So, no decision has been taken. A lot of people have talked to us.” Steiner stated.


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