Magnussen feels bad about taking off his wedding ring


Under the FIA’s jewellery restriction, Kevin Magnussen says he does not feel comfortable having to remove his wedding ring.

Niels Wittich, one half of Formula 1’s new race director team, was quick to re-enforce the rule prohibiting drivers from wearing jewellery in the car, while the obligation to wear fireproof underwear is also now part of the scrutineering process.

However, Magnussen believes that forcing drivers to remove their wedding rings is a bit excessive.

“I understand what they are they saying, but it is a wedding ring around your finger,” he said, quoted by

“I’ll take a little bit of extra burn on my finger to race in my wedding ring. And if something was going to happen, something bad, I would want to wear my wedding ring. It kind of feels bad to take it off.

“With something like that, like your wedding ring. Let us take that responsibility. There must be somehow to remove liability.”

When Romain Grosjean, Magnussen’s former Haas teammate, was involved in a catastrophic crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, he went through a harrowing ordeal.

Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team

Grosjean believes that wearing his wedding ring in the car will keep him safe.

“I’ve worn my wedding ring all my career,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“Where my ring was, I was protected. I was protected by my wife. I wouldn’t like to race without my wedding ring, that’s a big deal for me.”

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has been the most strident opponent of the jewellery ban on the grid, having been granted a two-race exception for the removal of his permanent piercings, but he is now refusing to remove his nose stud.

The grace period will end after the Monaco Grand Prix, and Hamilton will be expected to comply. If he does not, sanctions and even a ban on driving his Mercedes W13 might be on the way.


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