Schumacher makes qualification despite an FP3 scare


After a rear right brake fire in final practise, Haas survived a battle against time to fix Mick Schumacher’s car in time for qualification.

The fire started from the back of the car and swiftly spread, destroying the back right quarter of his VF-22.

However, his mechanics were able to complete the necessary repairs in time for the German to compete in Q1.

When it comes to Lady Luck, Schumacher hasn’t had much luck this season.

His issues worsened in final practise for the Spanish Grand Prix when his rear right brake caught fire.

“Brakes are burning, my rear brakes are burning,” he told Haas, who told him to pit.

As he attempted to box without brakes, his front jackman attempted to resume his customary position only to fall over as the German passed by.

“Why is there a mechanic in front of a car that has its brakes on fire?” Sky Sports‘ Paul di Resta wondered.

“That’s ridiculous,” Karun Chandhok added. “Why would you have the front jackman there?”

Mick Schumacher, Haas F1

Di Resta: “Somebody needs to take responsibility for that within the team. No brakes, you don’t stand in front of the car when it is about to stop in the box.”

It was pointed out that from where they were standing, Haas mechanics couldn’t see the magnitude of the fire.

The Haas mechanics rushed up to the back of his car, armed with fire extinguishers, and the pit lane mechanics joined the fight as the fire spread.

For more than a minute, the entire right rear corner was ablaze, destroying the back right side of the automobile and destroying the brake shroud.

Pierre Gasly also left FP3 early due to a heat shield failure that caused his AlphaTauri’s PU to overheat.


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