Top 7 ways to earn free crypto

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Several people are looking for ways to get free crypto due to its popularity.

Here are seven ways to make bitcoin without spending any of your own money, including cryptocurrency faucets, airdrops, staking, bug bounties, and more.

While obtaining free cryptocurrency, there are a number of common concerns to be aware of, such as security risks, fraud and scam risks, a limited earning potential, time-consuming tasks, and possible legal or tax repercussions. It’s crucial to do your study and use these techniques with prudence.


Crypto faucets are websites or apps that provide users small amounts of cryptocurrency in exchange for actions like solving CAPTCHA puzzles or watching advertising.

One illustration is Moon Litecoin, which gives users free Litecoin (LTC) in exchange for completing chores like streaming videos. Moon Litecoin awards are added to users’ micro wallets.

Regrettably, there are a lot of fraudulent cryptocurrency faucets that make large payout promises but never deliver. Before you can withdraw your money from some, you might need to pay a fee or do a particular number of tasks. Some companies might just dissolve overnight.

As a result, it’s crucial to use caution when using crypto faucets and to complete your study.


Airdrops are the free release of cryptocurrency tokens or money. Companies and projects award a predetermined number of tokens to users that sign up for their platform, complete specific tasks, or meet prerequisites.


Staking is the practise of keeping a certain quantity of cryptocurrency tokens in a wallet or exchange to support network security efforts and receive incentives. To receive staking rewards, one can stake cryptocurrencies like Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), and Ether (ETH).

Staking, on the other hand, entails securing one’s money for a predetermined amount of time during which they might not be able to access or trade it. Hence, before you start staking, be sure you are aware of the risks and potential profits.

Referral campaigns

Many cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets provide referral programmes that reward users who recommend friends and family sign up for their platform. Rewards may include free cryptocurrencies or a portion of the user’s trading commissions.

Completing questionnaires

By conducting surveys or participating in market research, users can earn cryptocurrency prizes on several websites and apps.

For completing tasks like watching movies, responding to surveys, and playing games, websites like Swagbucks reward users with cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, one must proceed with caution when performing any activity on such websites.

Bug bounty

In order to encourage developers and security researchers to find and report vulnerabilities in their software, cryptocurrency projects and exchanges frequently provide bug bounties.

Depending on how serious the problem is, these bounties may come in the form of cryptocurrency rewards and may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Competitions in trading

Customers can compete against one another to win prizes on numerous exchanges that provide trading competitions based on their trading volume or performance.

Even though there may be tough competition, there may also be substantial advantages, with some exchanges offering thousands of dollars in bitcoin awards.


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