Verstappen: The F1 status of Monaco will not be affected by Miami or Vegas


Max Verstappen is sceptical that Formula One’s relocation to new events like Miami and Las Vegas will detract from Monaco’s place on the schedule.

Last weekend, F1 held its first Miami Grand Prix, which drew a sell-out audience and a slew of big-name personalities in a bright new event for the sport.

It was the latest indicator of Formula One’s expansion in America, which seems poised to continue next year with the addition of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Monaco has long been considered as F1’s “jewel in the crown,” but Miami was widely recognised as setting a new standard for the series in terms of the whole event, with many analogies to the Super Bowl.

However, reigning Formula One world champion Verstappen believes that the success of additional events cannot detract from the legacy of a race like Monaco.

“I don’t think you can replace Monaco,” Verstappen said last weekend in Miami.

“Monaco has such a history, and of course it takes time to build that. And also this is a completely different to Monaco, there’s a lot more space here and the whole atmosphere is different.

Monaco Grand Prix

“It’s a different kind of culture as well, which is good that we have, because it would be very boring to drive every time at [somewhere with] the same culture.

“You have to find a middle way between these kind of [events in Miami], Monaco and, of course, permanent race tracks.”

Esteban Ocon, an Alpine driver, agreed with Verstappen’s assessment of Monaco, highlighting the absence of overtaking as part of the track’s unique difficulty.

Monaco is extremely special, it has the history also behind it, and it’s one way to race that you don’t have anywhere else,” Ocon said.

“You really need to qualify and the race is very difficult to overtake or you need to take a risk. So for us, it’s completely different.”


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